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Курс лекций Андрея Ханова в новосибирском художественном училище

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Выступление Андрея Ханова на научной конференции "Искусство и визуальная культура", Москвский музей современного искусмва (МОМА), Москва
2017 Мост над бездной. Проект Андрея Ханова для МОМА Сан Франциско
Между оцифрованным человеком и его оцифрованной душой
Помощь в составлении
очерк по теории живописи
Набросок истории вопроса
Andrei Khanov
16:14, September 21, 2018
Part one. Blockchein art. Cryptopsychodelic discourse. The first strategy of the blockade of art is a free artistic re-designation of this technology itself. The economic life of cats without a human. Stone as the master of the projectoid. Cotokoin. "FUCK" for fluidity and virtual augmentation. Blockchein pop art. The blockade itself is art. Blokchein this is conceptualizmy and illustrator (kitsch). Two-faced Janus. Block-Cheyn - a new system of deductions (accruals, calculations). And the thinking of man - in the same place as the numbers. Narrativity and banal visual metaphors of false concepts. THE MAIN THING!!! Blokchein practically detaches an object from its concept and existence.
Part two is digitalism. The artist's studio - under the ceiling clogged with computers. What can we do to such strange people with eroring thinking that are not able to determine their discourse unequivocally? The work of art is an object for talking about art, nothing more. In museums are not stored artifacts of art, but artifacts of conversations about it. Reform of Confucius. The text is lost. Ill, the flu. I do not remember where the text is. The thought of man is in the cage of words. We are free when we paint the freedom.
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